Thursday, April 28, 2011

lack of

It has been quite some time since I've blogged and I apologize. I could make up some excuse and say I've been super busy or sick or something..then I'd be lieing. Well for the most part. I actually did get pretty sick not that long ago, it was the third time in under two months and it was by far the worst this year. It drain a lot of my energy and I could hardly talk.I wasn't interested in blogging at that particular time, but now that time has past I thought I'd better write something up here.


I love Easter for the idea of the Easter bunny and getting little toys and tons of chocolate. The boyfriend and I decided that we were gonna give each other some chocolates and such...Not sure if that's cute and or pathetic. (You decide) So on April 24 when I got home he had set up all my stuff on my bed. It was cute and I was pretty excited. (Don't mind the fact that I'm 19!)

My Basket
What you don't see if the basket full of little chocolate eggs underneath everything. And I mean the basket is literally full of little chocolates! =]

Daniel's Basket

I am not religious at all, so Easter to me is all about the fun of giving your kids or friends/boyfriends toys, little presents and candy. WHY NOT? But another reason why I like Easter so much is decorating eggs! Above you can see Daniel actually included an egg decoration kit in my basket...we put it to use right away!!

Daniel's Eggs

My last favorite thing about Easter is the fact that my family loves it just as much as i do. So we all get together and always have an Easter dinner filled with lots of turkey and dessert. Easter is almost as big as Christmas and Thanksgiving in my family....and hey! I'm not complaining. 



Carrot Cake and five different home made ice creams! (All made by my sister Angela @ cravingcupcakes!)
We also had pumpkin pie, chocolate macaroons and m&m, rolo/pecan pretzels!