Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In my previous post I wrote about going to this ycc blogger meet up for all you Calgary bloggers. Now I'm just going to tell you about, well what there is to tell you about. It was in a little coffee shop in the heart of Kensington near downtown Calgary...for all you who don't know, Kensington is the place to be(usually.) But they closed off a little section in this coffee shop so all us bloggers could sit together..this was possible because the manager was a blogger himself. But basically the night started off with Merry (merrywithchildren) telling us why we're all here and what this night is basically about. We all had name tags with our twitters and or blog names on them, we introduced ourselves and then went our separate ways and mingled with other bloggers. I ended up going to this meet up with the boyfriend (toomuchthought) and my sister (cravingcupcakes). We aren't as open to talking to people we don't know so we ended up staying in the corner all night. A couple people came up to talk to us, so it didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought it would. I wish I could tell you I made some new blogger friends, but I don't really know if I did or not. My sister has a list of some of the blogger names, so I will have to get that off of her..but because things went by so fast, I didn't get the chance to remember their names. Overall it was a good night and awesome to meet some new bloggers.


Completely random, but I think I might add it here. I know I have the greatest boyfriend when he decides that he wants to make a snow angel..for no reason at all. This was quite a while ago, but he decided one day that is what perfect snow weather to make a snow angel. Oh how I love him.

This would be his snow angel <3

Day Ten:
Question: How was your sleep?
Answer: Awesome. It was well needed. My answer to my boyfriend who had to wake up many hours before me to go to work, so I got to rub it into his face that I slept good and for a long period of time. =]

Day Eleven:
Question: How are you?
Answer: Good. This was also asked by the's our daily routine.

Day Twelve:
Question: Why aren't you here to cuddle with me right now?
Answer: Because I wasn't offered. The boyfriend was just at my house that night and by the time he got home I guess he was a little lonely...he should have invited me over.

Day Thirteen (today):
Question: What?
Answer: Again this was asked by the boyfriend. But we had just woken up and were sitting in the living room where he seemed a bit cranky, cause he was....but we were talking and in a very cranky he asked what. I don't even remember why to be honest but I called him cranky. He doesn't like it when I do that. =/

Friday, February 18, 2011

the little things in life

Last night the boyfriend and I celebrated our valentines together. I know whoever is reading this is wondering why we celebrated last night, and as I mentioned before...we both had to work on Feburary 14 and last night was the night we both had off. He really knows how to get to my heart! He ended up coming over on Wednesday night to spend the night so we could go out for crepes in the morning. He knew my favorite flowers were lili's so he suprised me at the door with them!! I'm pretty sure I would have cried if I wasn't to busy hugging him and kissing him.
[only two have bloomed
but I can't wait for the rest]

The next night, (thursday), we went out that early afternoon and got some crepes and frozen yogurt. We tried something new from our usual, strawberry cheesecake. I didn't have high expectations for it, but now I think it might be my favorite. (I highly recomend you go and try it out.) After our adventure for breakfast we headed to Chinook Mall for dinner & a movie, plus my suprise valentines present. He took we straight to Build-A-Bear where I got to pick out which bear I wanted, heartbeat/voice, and an outfit. I now have a badass, biker bear named Ryder! (He's a boy!)
[Harley Davidson leather jacket, awesome shades,
and knock-off converse shoes!]

After that amazing suprise we headed to what we thought was going to be Moxies for dinner, until we found out that Chinook doesn't have one. We settled for Joey's Tomatoes where we were pleasantly suprised with the delicous starters and entrees we had! We than headed to Kernels for some popcorn to sneak into the movie where we then saw "No Strings Attatched"! I must say it's on my top list of movies everyone of you should go see along side "The Green Hornet."

I must say that this Valentines was definetely my favorite. I'm pretty glad that I have such an amazing boyfriend that loves to spoil me! (If you want to head over to his blog here--->
toomuchthought, you can read his side of our awesome night together.)


My sister is the one who had gotten me into blogging. I know I'm no PioneerWomen, but it doesn't hurt to give it a shot. My sister also invites me to random things like this blog convention they're holding here in Calgary for all the local bloggers. I'm going to give a shout out and ask you to come check it out and meet some local bloggers, enjoy some great coffee and hopefully walk away with some new friends and inpirations. Just click here----->twtvite, and I'll hope to see you there.


I was tagged by Angela, just click that right there. ------^

1. I Have the biggest thing for animals. I'm always telling the boyfriend that him and I are going to live in a huge house just so we can have tons of animals. We actually have our eyes set on three different ones when we move out. -Pug, husky, pig!! The pug is for him, the pig is for the both of us, and the husky is mine. I'm madly in love with these dogs. They're the most beautiful dog, in my opinion.

2. I guess this next thing I like is technically two,tattoos and piercings. I'm hooked on the fact that I enjoy 'modifying' my body. I like the fact that my body has stories that I'm constantly asked about on a day to day basis at work. I like what they do for me and my appearance, and I know I'm not done getting more yet.

I promise I don't and won't have that many.

3. I am addicted to frozen yogurt, and I've gotten my boyfriend hooked too. It's mostly when we're at the movies because they happen to have a yogen fruz there. I just love, love, LOVE the fact that we get to try something new every time. Yum!

4. Flip-flops! If it wasn't for the snow, I'd probably wear flip-flops everyday, all day! I don't know what it is, but I can't stop wearing them.

5. Last but definitely not least..I'm addicted to all these cheesy reality/dumb TV shows. One I am pulled in by...Jersey Shore. I think I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit that, but I can't help watching this stupid, GTL, t-shirt time goodness. [Please don't judge me :( ]
This is where I tag four people:

Angela @ cravingthecupcakes
Daniel @ toomuchthought
Sharon @ Kolton's Mama
Blair's Girl @ Blair's Girls


Day Six
Question: So do you like it?
Answer: It's growing on me! Earlier that day I went out to the mall with my friend to go present shopping. Randomly I decided I was going to get my hair cut because it was rather over-due. The boyfriend is constantly reminding me how much it bothers him...I have lots of hair which happens to shed, quite a bit. My mother later that night had dyed my hair for me..and when I can come she was wondering if I liked it. Yes!

Day Seven:
Question: Did you guys have fun?
Answer: Yeah we did. Again my mother had asked the question of the day. I'm not too sure if she knows that I'm even doing this, but I don't think she does it on purpose. This was the question asked after I went out with the boyfriend and his sister to Peters Drive In! Everything there is pretty much amazing. BUT after some Chocolate/Mocha, chocolate/Watermelon/raspberry, chocolate/marshmallow, chocolate/banana milkshakes, we headed back to his sister's house and hung out the rest of the night talking about random things.

Day Eight:
Question: Do you wanna go to bed?
Answer: Yeah..! This was an awesome day full of excitement, good food, and awesome presents. The boyfriend and I got home pretty late and decided that we were ready for bed. I was pretty tired and kind of falling asleep on the couch. It was a good time to hit the sheets.

Day Nine: (Today)
Question: Do you have any change on you?
Answer: I think I do. My dad usually only pays for everything with debit, and my mom needed some change to take the bus to work the next day. She didn't have any change on her either (which is pretty weird for her), but since I'm like the hoarder of change it seems like some days, I probably do have some change I can hand over.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

catching up

For you who don't know, I work at Walmart. Yeah I's not the greatest place in the world, but a jobs a job! I am constantly seeing many candidates for If you don't know what I'm talking about, I suggest that you take a gander at the website I suggested above. You'll laugh your ass off along with being grossed out. But I promise it's worth knowing about and looking at. BUT back to my rant. Walmart always has TOOOONNNSS of candy and crap for all the holidays; Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines..etc. We always put it out at least a month and a half before the holiday,minimum. During that month and a half we never run out of anything. Than you get to the day before or the day of the actual holiday and you can't seem to find a sing little chocolate. Reason? People decide to wait till the very LAST second to pick up all the things they need for that day. PROBLEM! They then have the nerve to pull princess and decide they want to complain (bitch) about the fact we have nothing left in stock.... Some days I just want to smack these people because they've had all this time to come before but didn't. So I don't really care. I just wish I would make at least 10 cents for every person who complains about these things...I'd be rich!


I know I haven't posted my 30 questions in 30 days in a while, so here ya go.

Day Three:

Question: Are you guys ready yet?
Answer: That what asked on Feb. 13 by my mother. The boyfriend and I were hanging out at my house dog sitting for my sister's three dogs. Jabo, Lily, and Iggy! If you don't know, Iggy and Jabo are named after two hockey players that are my sister's hockey loving boyfriends favorite players. The dogs were going to sleep in my room that night and I had asked my mom to take the dogs out earlier so I didn't have to go out in the cold weather. When she was done she came in and asked if we were ready for the dogs to come in for bed. The answer was no.


Iggy Jabo(black), Lily(Brown/white)

Day Four:

Question: Do you work Tuesday?
Answer: Yes. That was the answer I gave my dad when we we're having a random talk one night. I was interested in his idea's for what I should do with the boyfriend for valentines day.

Day Five:

Question: How are you?
Answer: I was feeling like crap and wished I could sleep a whole lot longer. The answer I gave to my friend Jeff was, "Could be better." I've been pretty sick the past few days...I've felt like I was getting a cold, and today it finally hit me. It smacked me right in the center of my face where it now hurts to breath. I have a runny and stuffed nosed, and my throat is killing me. How do you think I'm feeling?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

love is in the air

How many of you are a fan of Valentines Day? I'm not too sure if I am or not. See, I have an awesome boyfriend (2mt4fbook) who doesn't really like me to pay for anything. [I know right? Most ladies would love to have a guy who's willing to pay for pretty much everything.] BUT I'm the exact same way, I also want to pay for pretty much everything because I love to treat people without anything in return...Is that bad? I'm also the person who loves to buy people presents. It can either be one BIG amazing gift, or a bunch of little, but completely awesome presents. My lovely boyfriend over there is also the same. He loves to spoil me or suprise me with random bits of happiness like a Starbucks coffee when I didn't ask for one. Which brings me back to Valentines Day. Should I honestly get into all this red and pink everything from candy hearts to the thousands of different chocolates? Yes! See, this is one day of the year completely dedicated to people who are in love. This is the one time that you get to spend a ridiculous amount of money on silly langeire and mountains of chocolates guilt free.

Normally I would love to go out on this day and spend an amazing night with the boyfriend, but it turns out that we both are working that day! BLAH! Solution=Valentines on Thursday the 17th instead of the 14th. What we're doing is still unknown. SO if whoever is reading this blog has any sort of idea's on what we could do, please throw come comments my way BELOW. [Try and include idea's that don't involve dinner + movies, making eachother dinner...that kind of thing. :)]

Day Two:
Question: "You wouldn't want to go get me ice would you?"
Answer: This question came from my mom around 1:00 O'Clock in the morning. Her face has been pretty swollen the past couple days and we had just ran out of ice. Instead of waiting four hours for the our own ice to freeze, I went for a little walk to go get her some.
Day Three: (today)
Question: "Jessica, why do you hate me?"
Answer: *Laugh*, "I don't hate you!" Was my reply to my friend Aaron who was depressed after a night of drinking. We were on a three way phone call with my other friend Courtney and the two of us were just messing with him with a couple jokes here and there.


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

trying new things

As you all already know I've been going to the gym. Today has only been my fifth day, but I'm already starting to see some results...My scale at home and the one at the gym show different results, but I think I'm going to trust the one at the gym. So as of today I have lost around 10 pounds! I know it's not a lot, but it's something. It definitely makes me feel good to know that the hard work is actually paying off. At the gym I go to they have a bunch of different classes anyone can try out, and last week I tried a body pump class. WELL today I did ZUMBA!!! Oh gosh did I look like an idiot. It is such a fun class though, so all you can do is laugh at yourself and keep trying. It is a really good way to keep fit and lose some just need to practice...just be warned that this class will show you how uncoordinated you really are.
I am a huge movie lover. And if I really enjoy a certain film, I can watch it over and over. Just ask my whole family. When I was around 6/7 years old the movie "Titanic" came out. I had watched it with my whole family that day and fell in love with it. So within the next couple days following I locked myself in my parents room and watched the movie over and over...probably around 50+ times. To this day, it's still my favourite movie. BUT back to the point! My boyfriend and I love going to the movie theatres and watching all kinds of movies. Our goal before Christmas was to try and see at least one movie a week. So far that hasn't happened. But last night we went and saw "The Green Hornet". I must say that it was AMAZING. I laughed so hard and it's definitely a keeper on my list. There hasn't been that many 'great' movies out lately, so this one most definitely surprised me the most.

I found a new favorite chocolate item. I found my new love at the movie's last night. We were getting some popcorn and in the candy stands there they were, just calling out to me. These delicious things are the Coffee Crisp Bites!!! Oh. My. Gosh. They aren't overwhelming with coffee flavour, so I bag you to try them. You just might fall in love too!

As for trying new things, I'm going to try a new questionnaire that 2mt4fbook created. It's called; Thirty Questions in 30 Days. This is what you do...
Take the first question of your day, remember it, write it down (if you have troubles remembering things), and when you get the chance...answer it! Don't forget, it has to be your FIRST question of the day. It can be on a sign as you're walking, or a question someone asks you. Here's the catch-they can only be answered once. So if the first question of day one is "What's up?", any form of that being 'sup', or 'wazzup' is out of our question category. And since it can only be answered once within the thirty days, you need to remember the second question of the day-as your backup. SO now it's your turn to take this challenge and GO answer it...NOW!

Day One:

Question: Do you like mango's?
Answer: "Mango's are disgusting!" Was my answer to my boyfriend's mother. I slept over at my boyfriends house last night and when we woke up today he had a missed call and voicemail from his mom about mango's. She was out this morning going grocery shopping and at this certain place if you spend a certain amount of money per purchase, you get something free! Today's free item was a case of mango's. She wasn't too fond of them herself so she was calling to ask my boyfriend if he liked them, or if my family wanted them. I don't really like mango anything. The actual fruit or even mango flavour in smoothies...etc. I was quick to turn that offer down.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

the random things

My head hurts thinking about how much things have changed in today’s society. My boyfriends sister and brother in-law are currently in the process of adopting a young man aged 8, and is only in grade three. When I was out with them the other day we were talking about how much things have changed since we were younger. One thing that really bothers me is laptops/computers in general. Why? Well when I was younger we had to have EVERYTHING handwritten. We needed to learn how to write, handwrite, and spell. We didn’t have the chance to go pull out our laptops, or run to computer. WELL, this young man’s school has a crap load of computers already setup in the school, which is alright I guess. But now they are planning to have laptops in every classroom from the grades 4-6, AND they want the parents to sign a “waver” type thing so that if the child happens to do damage to this laptop, the parents pay. It’s actually not the paying part that annoys me…well, it adds to it, but the reason why I am so annoyed is because they are giving 8,9,10, and 11 year olds computers to do their work on. Uhhh, WHAT? What has happened to our society that we aren't`t even teaching our children to write? I can maybe understand when the kids are older, and have a lot more essays and what not to write. But not when you’re 8!


If any of you live in Calgary, you should understand my next rant! If you don’t live in Calgary, all you need to know is that our seasons consist of winter, construction, winter some more, and then more construction. Don’t get me wrong…Calgary has it’s good moments. But you can’t help focusing on the bad. When there is construction happening anywhere in this city, traffic goes from bad, to horrible. See, people in this city can’t drive to begin with, so when you add something that might delay you a bit or make you slow down, it’s like drivers here have a mental meltdown and completely blackout, which makes them drive like a bunch of idiots. Accident rates increase and more people die or get hurt. Which makes me think…How the heck do all these people get their licences? I truly believe that this whole city should be nominated for Canada’s Worst Driver. No jokes! Which also makes my head hurt. If you think about how horrible people drive in good, dry, slow conditions…how do they drive when it’s winter, with icy roads and usually inches of snow on the ground? THEY CAN’T! The rate of accidents increase even more, so more people die and get hurt. Which is really sad. It’s almost like when the snow falls, something triggers some part in the brain of these drivers that makes them drive faster. If you driver here, or plan to in the future…be aware at all times. You truly don’t know what might happen.

. . . . . . . . . .

This past saturday was my sister Angela’s birthday! If you ever want to try something new baking wise, my sister is the one to go to. She’s an awesome baker and is always making new things. Well this weekend we got to try cupcake fondue. Yes, cupcake fondue. I know you’ve probably heard of the basic fondue…cheese, oil, chocolate etc. So you’re probably confused how this works. For cupcake fondue all you do is have icing in a bowl, or if you want to make it seem like fondue, put it in a fondue pot. And basically you’ll have a bunch of mini cupcakes, and some sprinkles in bowls. You dip your cupcake in icing, then in whatever kind of sprinkles you might want, and there you go.

Like that ---> Desktop3

Now that I’m thinking about food, this makes me think about an awesome place called Tubby Dog! It’s your average hotdog place, BUT BETTER! You can’t get ALL kinds of different things on your hotdog like peanut butter and jelly AND cereal. Here’s there menu.


My sister has gone there many times and her favourite is the “PBJ”! I will never try it…but apparently it’s super good. The boyfriend and I went there a few months back, he finds the “Tubby Dog” the best, and i prefer the “A-BOMB”


If you live here in Calgary and haven’t been there before, you should most definitely head down there some time soon! If you ever plan on coming to Calgary, I suggest that you try this place! Here’s a link to this amazing place. Tubby Dog <----Click that! It gives you the address, business hours… etc. I should also mention what else that makes this place so amazing. The decor is pretty random, but neat. It’s full of many different things that are old, from our childhoods. Different signs, shirts, posters…they also have a big screen which they display old cartoons, and movies. And if you don’t feel like watching the cartoons, you can play at the arcade that they have set up across from the sitting area. BUT that’s not all. Tubby Dog also has live bands come and perform in their restaurant, and throw big gaming like party’s where a bunch of people come to play all sorts of video games on the big screen. This place will definitely meet your standards of being amazing. I know I will always love this place!!!


Please don’t be afraid at leaving any comments or giving suggestions.

Friday, February 4, 2011

here we go again

Well isn't this absurb. I'm finally posting something new. I know no one probably cares about anything I am writing about, but I'm going to give it a shot anyways. If you need to catch up on who I am, just scroll down to my very first post, and BLAM, there's everything you would possibly need to know about me. I have the same family, same boyfriend, I am still finishing school, and trying to lose weight. Woo! What I can say that is new about me is that I have two new tattoos and a new piercing. But I'll get into more detail later on.

This past year has been quite an interesting one. I've lost some good friends, and gained some even better ones. I've been spending more time with my family, and realizing how great I really have it. Recently one of my older sister's Tracy got engaged to a guy named Kent who really fits into our family perfectly. I'm super happy for them and I can't wait for my other sister, Angela to get engaged too. And hopfully they will have babies so I can be the cool aunt who gets to buy them all the cool stuff and be the person they come to talk to for advice. =] Maybe one day in the near-ish future, I'll be getting engaged. I'm still dating my boyfriend Daniel, and have been for almost two years in June. Woah, time really flys by.

Recently I added to my body modifications. If you don't already know, I am very family oriented, and mean the world to me! My first tattoo, as seen in my first blog post, is a lily. It's mine and my sister’s favourite flower. I got it to represent us. My new tattoo's are for my mom and dad.

Mom-Peach! She use to live in Georgia, and also had my sister there. She is my Georgia Peach.
Dad-Anchor! He use to be in the Navy, so I thought an anchor would fit him perfectly.

022 023

[For all tattoos & piercings I got them at The Arthouse Inc.]


Right Ear/Left Ear


Right Ear(top to bottom): 2 helix, upper helix, conch, 3 lobe.
Left Ear(top to bottom): rook, tragus, conch, 3 lobe.

I've talked about my piercings before, so I thought that I'd show you some of them. The piercings that are not shown in the two pictures are the ones on my face. I have my left eyebrow, both sides of my nose, right side-monroe, labret(Middle lip), right side of my lip. I enjoy getting these body mofifications that many of you might not agree with. It's a personal choice and something I am always interested in adding more to.

Just a couple of days ago I joined the gym. I’ve always wanted someone to come with me, and now I have three people, my boyfriend, and his sister and brother in-law. We’re trying to go around three to four times a week. *Fingers Crossed* I’ve already lost a few founds which I’m pretty excited for. This year is finally the year that I will have accomplished my new year’s resolution, which is the same as last years, to lose weight. The other day we all took a class at the gym called Body Pump. It’s a weight class where you lift weights doing different exercises to different kinds of upbeat songs. The class is around 60 minutes long and it really kicks you in the ass. You’ll definitely be sore the next day if you’re a beginner. I know that I’m definitely feeling the pain. Next week we’ve decided that we’re going to try a Zumba class. I know I’m not much of a dancer, but it’s supposed to be lots of fun and an awesome way to lose weight. Wish me luck! [The gym is called GoodLife Fitness.]

I’m excited to be writing again and I hope that whoever is reading this will enjoy the things I write. If any of you have any suggestions or comments please don’t be afraid to post them below.


Recently my boyfriend has created a blog of his own. He only has about five different posts but the five he has are pretty awesome. I know it's a bit lame to give a shout out to people, but here I go. His blog is too much thought for facebook, just click this link -->2mt4fbook, don’t be afraid to check it out. The name basically explains itself. (P.S He's a bit opinionated, so don't be offended) He also has a twitter account, so if you would like to see how is everyday life goes, click this link here --> DynamiteWhite.

Another shout out I would like to do is for my sister Angela. I've mentioned her before as she is the one who started me on twitter and creating blogs. She has an awesome blog called Craving the Cupcakes. Don't worry; it's not all about cupcakes. The link is right here -->cravingthecupcakes. And if you want to follow her some more, here's her twitter,--> pink_punch1.