Wednesday, June 8, 2011

road trips

Yet again it has been quite some time since I last wrote. Lets give you an update about what's going on in the life of me. If you don't already know...since I can't seem to remember what I've written on here nor do I feel the need to go back and check..but I'm a big fan of UFC. Well, I've always admired it, but ever since I've started dating Daniel it seems my dad likes to order it a lot more. I guess more people to watch with him? Anyways. I'm a big fan, so is my dad and boyfriend. A couple months ago we found out that UFC was holding an event in Toronto. Being from Toronto, my father and I were hoping to fly down there and see it this past April. Well....that didn't happen. So we looked into it a bit more and found out that UFC was also coming to Vancouver...we waited for them to release the date of the event and away we went. We started planning out how we're going to get there, hotels, tickets, food, etc. As soon as those tickets went on sale, we were set to go. Just over a month later now since we bought those tickets...and I'm counting down the days till me leave. 2 DAYS! (Not including today!) I'm going to pack my bag, get some music ready and buy some snack foods because those are some of the key ingredients to the perfect road trip. Did I forget to mention that I LOVEEE road trips? I've been super stoked on this for a long time now. I know I'm young and am only a cashier...but I think a little weekend vacation to such a beautiful place as Vancouver is the perfect way to cheer me up.

I say cheer me up because lately things have been all out of whack with everything. I'm finally just finishing school which is a big load off....but work has been getting on my nerves more and more. When you think Wal-Mart most people think low prices, good deals. When I think Wal-Mart, I think under payed, miserable, stuck up people who hate their jobs. No one has any respect for one another and everyone gets the crap end of the stick because of it. It's almost like the managers and supervisors get paid to be bitches to's as if they truly enjoy watching people make crap money, looking miserable and in some cases, cry. I say some cases because there are the odd few that actually break down and cry. Me being one of them. I'm normally not the one to break down and get bothered by the way someone has treated/talked to me....but in this case I just couldn't take it anymore. I try and tell myself that I'm the better person and they are just low life pieces of crap stuck working this s**t job for the rest of their lives...but when you get it every day from absolutely everyone. It tends to bother you just a little bit. SO I've made a little (big) promise to myself. Once I get back from Vancouver I'm going to find a different/better job. Wal-Mart can go shove it up their low priced, stuck up asses.

Other news.

Everyone has fights with their "best friends" and sometimes they get over it and sometimes they actually stop being friends with that person. About a year and a half ago my best friend and I got into a pretty big fight. The biggest fight we have ever had since we started being friends. It was bound to happen just came sooner than expected. Wanna know what it was about? Her not liking the person I was dating. They both didn't get along very well and in the end her and I got into a huge fight and well... stopped talking. It came as a pretty big shock to some people because we were so close and did almost everything together. This one fight ruined our friendship and it hurt a lot more than I ever thought it would. I've had other "close" friends in my life before...but none that actually understood me for me. After that fight my boyfriend realized how it hurt me, and and blamed himself. I don't know if it was because of him, or also the fact that things were probably going down hill anyways? Losing a friend isn't something most people would want to experience...but will never have the control over. A couple months ago I was going through things in my room and found a picture frame with a picture in it of me and this friend of mine. It was a Christmas present she made for me a couple years ago. I had took it down shortly after we stopped talking and I figured I might as well put it back up. I really liked it. Not long after I hung that picture back up, I actually got a call from her. She had moved back into Calgary and was getting into piercing. She wanted someone to "practice" on and figured I would be a good person to do so. Her boyfriend predicted that we'd get to talking again and start hanging out. He was right. We talked over what happened and all the things we've missed in each others lives...and we have started hanging out again. I don't know what will happen with this friendship, or if we will ever be as close as we once were. I guess only time will tell.

- "Two persons cannot long be friends if they cannot forgive each other's little failings." - Jean De La Bruyere -