Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Roots & Rings

1. If you could open any type of store/place of business (money is no obstacle), what would you open?
Gonna be a tattoo/piercing shop.

2. If all jobs paid equally, what occupation would you want? Why?

I have more than one that I would want. But I think I would want to be a veterinarian. I've always loved animals and I would love to help them out.

3. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you pick? Why?
Tiger. They are such beautiful and strong animals.

4. If offered one “service” free of charge, which would you choose? (chauffeur, maid, personal shopper, chef, etc.)
Probably chauffeur. I don't have my license and I hate taking the bus, c-train, etc. I can handle cleaning and cooking, but being driven anywhere would be nice.

5. What is one habit, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to break?
Staying up so late, and then sleeping in so late. Lately I've been doing better. But not good enough. Like today, I slept till 12:30pm. It wastes a good fraction of the day.

6. What is one thing that no matter how many you own, you still love to buy all the time?
Purses and Wallets. I have a pretty big collection, but I want more and more.

7. Out of all the game shows (past and present), which would you want to be a participant on and play?
Out of all the games I can think of, it's a two way tie. Uh Oh, and The Price Is Right.

8. If you could play the lead role in any movie that’s already been made, which movie would you pick?
She's the Man, just because I think it would be cool to dress up like a guy for a while.

9. Name 5 things on your bucket list (things you want to do before you die).
1. Go to Italy. 2. Get married and have kids. 3. Own my own house. 4. Visit at least one major sporting event. (Olympics, super bowl. Etc.) 5. Donate to different Charity's.

10. Which one of your birthdays was the best? What did you do that day?
There are too many to choose from. I don't remember exactly how old I was turning, but my sister and I celebrated ours together, and it was out at the lake and we spent all day with family and friends swimming, fishing and just hanging out.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Roots & Rings

1. Fill in the blank. Sometimes I wish my life was more ______.


2. How do you cure the hiccups?

I can’t! I get them a lot too, and when I do they never go away, no matter what I do.

3. What are three of your favorite indulgences?

- Playing Wii

-Tim Hortons

-Seeing my boyfriend =]

4. Where is the most exotic place you would like to travel to? The most mundane?

Probably outer space!

5. Does having your time planned out stress you or relax you?

A bit of both, when I know I can do it, I’m totally fine, but when I know I don’t have enough, I’m always stressed and worried.

6. What are your favorite fabrics to wear?

Probably cotton, a lot of things irritate my skin.

7. Do you sleep through the night?

Most times, yes!

8. When you were younger, what did you think you would be doing at this age? How close is that to what you are doing?

Well, I’m still young…But I thought that I would be graduated, have my diploma, have a job and be moved out. So far none of those things are completed.

9. What has surprised you most about growing up?

I’m only 18,but so far…probably making sure I’m on the right path an doing good things for myself and making sure that I finish my schooling and realizing how hard it really is when you don’t have a job or a diploma.

10. Are you good at keeping secrets?

I like to think I am.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What’s in my purse?

021 (2) (Click for bigger picture)

So I saw this idea from cravingcupcakes and I liked the idea of it. Couple things you need to know first. 1. I collect purses. I have a biiiggg collection of them! 2. My purses are not small. I generally love HUGE ones. I tend to carry too much crap everywhere I go. (Each item is labeled and described below =]) Enjoy!!

#1 Dictionary/School Work: Well that pretty much explains itself. I carry it around when I'm planning on doing it.

#2 Notebook/journal: Notebook is for my school work so I can write some notes. Ha! Or when I get bored sometimes I like to doodle. And my journal is for when I get bored, feel like writing something, or see something cool, I write it down.

#3 Book: Couples who Kill! It's a good book that's about profiling of different serial killer couples. One thing I enjoy is reading about killers and different crimes and such. I find it fascinating and interesting to see what actually makes all these people do these things.

#4 Yellow bag: pencils, pens, erasers, whiteout, and stapler. All for school work.

#5 Wallet: Obviously to hold my money and cards, etc..

#6 My mini drug store: Lotion, mini mirror, lip chap, perfume and pills(Advil).

#7 Electronics: IPod and cell phone. Two things I pretty much always have on me.

#8 Gum, Kleenex, Lighter: I ALWAYS have gum. I chew it like there's no tomorrow. Kleenex because someone always needs one. And lighter, I always get asked for one, so I keep it handy.

#9 Keys: I have some key chains and stuff. I always have a Simpsons key with Maggie on it to my house, and a key to my friends house. Just in case.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Roots & Rings(#16)

1. What is your favorite travel destination spot?

Giving the fact that I’ve never been out of Canada, it’s going to be B.C. You probably would have guessed Toronto because I was born there and miss it so much, but I guess you’re wrong. I have always said that if I didn’t end up moving back to Toronto that I would love to live in the mountains. Having an uncle who has pretty much lived there since I’ve been in Calgary mean we made quite the few visits down there, and every time I fell more and more in love with it.

2. Cats Vs. Dogs?

I have always been a dog fan. I don’t completely hate cats but it comes fairly close. Reason one being the cat pee. I cannot stand the fact that they pee and you can never get rid of the smell. Reason two, my mom has always been very allergic to them, so I’ve never actually got the chance to enjoy them or find an interest in them. Reason three, their claws. I can’t handle the idea of people being their personal scratching posts. I don’t like pain, nor do I enjoy being clawed at whenever they feel the need.

3. Do you believe in fate?

I’m not entirely sure. It may happen to some people, but I have my mixed feelings.

4. Do you believe in Karma?

Sure! If you’re a grouchy person your whole life, something’s bound to happen! And like people have always said, “treat people the way you would want to be treated.'” Which is sooo true. Because not only are you going to get nothing in return, but when you need a hand with anything, you’re pretty much screwed.(Unless you happen to get an extremely nice person.)

5. Everyone has a unique laugh. Do you like yours?

Well I've been told by a lot of people that it’s pretty cute, and makes them smile. But my dear boyfriend thinks that it’s sarcastic most of the time. I’m not too sure how that’s possible, but I do like my laugh, a lot. And usually when I laugh, sarcastic or not, it makes people happy.

6. Is love really all you need?

In my opinion, no! People always need more than that. They need to survive, and love isn’t going to feed you or put a roof over you head. (This question could have been meant for more than one thing, but this is the best I could think of.)

7. What’s your take on the whole 2012 scare?

I think people have blown it way out of proportion. It’s based on a few people’s opinions that got taken out of control and over exaggerated. It’s what you actually make out of it, and what YOU believe in. So I do not believe that the world is going to end, and whatever else that’s going on. But I guess we will have to wait and see.

8. If you won a million dollars and had to give it all away, who would you give it to? (Family and friends not included!)

I’m am going to say two things. One being to starving children ANYWEHERE in the world.( I'm not going to name just one place.) Two being for places for that save and provide for animals. I’ve always been HIGHLY against animal cruelty. And I’ve always wanted to provide tons of money for them because they need it. Yes they are animals, but they are still living and apart of this world.

9. Do you believe in God/religion/the power of prayer?

My mom’s going to kill me if she ever saw this. But I think I'm going to say no to all three. When I was 5 my family started learning more about the Mormon religion and they started attending. When I was 8 I was baptized. I was really into it and loved going and being with all the people. But when I started getting older and learning more and more about it, I was disliking it more and more. They are pretty controlling over almost anything you do to what you wear, drink and how you even talk. And their aspects on life with going on a mission, then getting married young and having lot’s of children. Then, maybe think about school and your career and what YOU want to do. It all got to me. But I must say the thing that really pushed me over the edge is not approving of homosexuals. And coming from a family that has two in it, and being very close to both of them, I was disgusted. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be, as you can see with me being covered in piercings and tattoos, I didn’t fit and extremely proud of it.

Every person has their own opinion about the man in the sky, and in almost every religion it’s different. If God was real I think that he would love you for you and who you want to be. Since he did create you, right?

- Just to whoever reads this. I don’t hate religion and god. And I’m not trying to hate on the Mormon religion, I’m just telling you how my experience was. So please don’t think anything bad and hate me for it. =] -

10. What New Year’s Resolution do you always make but never keep?

Probably going to be losing weight. Like most people in this world, it can be rather difficult. But I’m hoping that this year is different. With already getting one thing started on my resolution list, it’s looking pretty good.