Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Roots & Rings

1. Fill in the blank. Sometimes I wish my life was more ______.


2. How do you cure the hiccups?

I can’t! I get them a lot too, and when I do they never go away, no matter what I do.

3. What are three of your favorite indulgences?

- Playing Wii

-Tim Hortons

-Seeing my boyfriend =]

4. Where is the most exotic place you would like to travel to? The most mundane?

Probably outer space!

5. Does having your time planned out stress you or relax you?

A bit of both, when I know I can do it, I’m totally fine, but when I know I don’t have enough, I’m always stressed and worried.

6. What are your favorite fabrics to wear?

Probably cotton, a lot of things irritate my skin.

7. Do you sleep through the night?

Most times, yes!

8. When you were younger, what did you think you would be doing at this age? How close is that to what you are doing?

Well, I’m still young…But I thought that I would be graduated, have my diploma, have a job and be moved out. So far none of those things are completed.

9. What has surprised you most about growing up?

I’m only 18,but so far…probably making sure I’m on the right path an doing good things for myself and making sure that I finish my schooling and realizing how hard it really is when you don’t have a job or a diploma.

10. Are you good at keeping secrets?

I like to think I am.


  1. Most people have said "exciting" for #1. Which makes me think that we're all being too hard on ourselves. Obviously everyone else's lives aren't that exciting if everyone is wishing their lives were more exciting.... Right?

    Go to my blog, there's an award for you :)