Sunday, February 7, 2010

What’s in my purse?

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So I saw this idea from cravingcupcakes and I liked the idea of it. Couple things you need to know first. 1. I collect purses. I have a biiiggg collection of them! 2. My purses are not small. I generally love HUGE ones. I tend to carry too much crap everywhere I go. (Each item is labeled and described below =]) Enjoy!!

#1 Dictionary/School Work: Well that pretty much explains itself. I carry it around when I'm planning on doing it.

#2 Notebook/journal: Notebook is for my school work so I can write some notes. Ha! Or when I get bored sometimes I like to doodle. And my journal is for when I get bored, feel like writing something, or see something cool, I write it down.

#3 Book: Couples who Kill! It's a good book that's about profiling of different serial killer couples. One thing I enjoy is reading about killers and different crimes and such. I find it fascinating and interesting to see what actually makes all these people do these things.

#4 Yellow bag: pencils, pens, erasers, whiteout, and stapler. All for school work.

#5 Wallet: Obviously to hold my money and cards, etc..

#6 My mini drug store: Lotion, mini mirror, lip chap, perfume and pills(Advil).

#7 Electronics: IPod and cell phone. Two things I pretty much always have on me.

#8 Gum, Kleenex, Lighter: I ALWAYS have gum. I chew it like there's no tomorrow. Kleenex because someone always needs one. And lighter, I always get asked for one, so I keep it handy.

#9 Keys: I have some key chains and stuff. I always have a Simpsons key with Maggie on it to my house, and a key to my friends house. Just in case.

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