Friday, February 4, 2011

here we go again

Well isn't this absurb. I'm finally posting something new. I know no one probably cares about anything I am writing about, but I'm going to give it a shot anyways. If you need to catch up on who I am, just scroll down to my very first post, and BLAM, there's everything you would possibly need to know about me. I have the same family, same boyfriend, I am still finishing school, and trying to lose weight. Woo! What I can say that is new about me is that I have two new tattoos and a new piercing. But I'll get into more detail later on.

This past year has been quite an interesting one. I've lost some good friends, and gained some even better ones. I've been spending more time with my family, and realizing how great I really have it. Recently one of my older sister's Tracy got engaged to a guy named Kent who really fits into our family perfectly. I'm super happy for them and I can't wait for my other sister, Angela to get engaged too. And hopfully they will have babies so I can be the cool aunt who gets to buy them all the cool stuff and be the person they come to talk to for advice. =] Maybe one day in the near-ish future, I'll be getting engaged. I'm still dating my boyfriend Daniel, and have been for almost two years in June. Woah, time really flys by.

Recently I added to my body modifications. If you don't already know, I am very family oriented, and mean the world to me! My first tattoo, as seen in my first blog post, is a lily. It's mine and my sister’s favourite flower. I got it to represent us. My new tattoo's are for my mom and dad.

Mom-Peach! She use to live in Georgia, and also had my sister there. She is my Georgia Peach.
Dad-Anchor! He use to be in the Navy, so I thought an anchor would fit him perfectly.

022 023

[For all tattoos & piercings I got them at The Arthouse Inc.]


Right Ear/Left Ear


Right Ear(top to bottom): 2 helix, upper helix, conch, 3 lobe.
Left Ear(top to bottom): rook, tragus, conch, 3 lobe.

I've talked about my piercings before, so I thought that I'd show you some of them. The piercings that are not shown in the two pictures are the ones on my face. I have my left eyebrow, both sides of my nose, right side-monroe, labret(Middle lip), right side of my lip. I enjoy getting these body mofifications that many of you might not agree with. It's a personal choice and something I am always interested in adding more to.

Just a couple of days ago I joined the gym. I’ve always wanted someone to come with me, and now I have three people, my boyfriend, and his sister and brother in-law. We’re trying to go around three to four times a week. *Fingers Crossed* I’ve already lost a few founds which I’m pretty excited for. This year is finally the year that I will have accomplished my new year’s resolution, which is the same as last years, to lose weight. The other day we all took a class at the gym called Body Pump. It’s a weight class where you lift weights doing different exercises to different kinds of upbeat songs. The class is around 60 minutes long and it really kicks you in the ass. You’ll definitely be sore the next day if you’re a beginner. I know that I’m definitely feeling the pain. Next week we’ve decided that we’re going to try a Zumba class. I know I’m not much of a dancer, but it’s supposed to be lots of fun and an awesome way to lose weight. Wish me luck! [The gym is called GoodLife Fitness.]

I’m excited to be writing again and I hope that whoever is reading this will enjoy the things I write. If any of you have any suggestions or comments please don’t be afraid to post them below.


Recently my boyfriend has created a blog of his own. He only has about five different posts but the five he has are pretty awesome. I know it's a bit lame to give a shout out to people, but here I go. His blog is too much thought for facebook, just click this link -->2mt4fbook, don’t be afraid to check it out. The name basically explains itself. (P.S He's a bit opinionated, so don't be offended) He also has a twitter account, so if you would like to see how is everyday life goes, click this link here --> DynamiteWhite.

Another shout out I would like to do is for my sister Angela. I've mentioned her before as she is the one who started me on twitter and creating blogs. She has an awesome blog called Craving the Cupcakes. Don't worry; it's not all about cupcakes. The link is right here -->cravingthecupcakes. And if you want to follow her some more, here's her twitter,--> pink_punch1.

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  1. I love that you have tattoos to represent all your family members - so sweet. And I absolutely love the anchor!