Friday, February 18, 2011

the little things in life

Last night the boyfriend and I celebrated our valentines together. I know whoever is reading this is wondering why we celebrated last night, and as I mentioned before...we both had to work on Feburary 14 and last night was the night we both had off. He really knows how to get to my heart! He ended up coming over on Wednesday night to spend the night so we could go out for crepes in the morning. He knew my favorite flowers were lili's so he suprised me at the door with them!! I'm pretty sure I would have cried if I wasn't to busy hugging him and kissing him.
[only two have bloomed
but I can't wait for the rest]

The next night, (thursday), we went out that early afternoon and got some crepes and frozen yogurt. We tried something new from our usual, strawberry cheesecake. I didn't have high expectations for it, but now I think it might be my favorite. (I highly recomend you go and try it out.) After our adventure for breakfast we headed to Chinook Mall for dinner & a movie, plus my suprise valentines present. He took we straight to Build-A-Bear where I got to pick out which bear I wanted, heartbeat/voice, and an outfit. I now have a badass, biker bear named Ryder! (He's a boy!)
[Harley Davidson leather jacket, awesome shades,
and knock-off converse shoes!]

After that amazing suprise we headed to what we thought was going to be Moxies for dinner, until we found out that Chinook doesn't have one. We settled for Joey's Tomatoes where we were pleasantly suprised with the delicous starters and entrees we had! We than headed to Kernels for some popcorn to sneak into the movie where we then saw "No Strings Attatched"! I must say it's on my top list of movies everyone of you should go see along side "The Green Hornet."

I must say that this Valentines was definetely my favorite. I'm pretty glad that I have such an amazing boyfriend that loves to spoil me! (If you want to head over to his blog here--->
toomuchthought, you can read his side of our awesome night together.)


My sister is the one who had gotten me into blogging. I know I'm no PioneerWomen, but it doesn't hurt to give it a shot. My sister also invites me to random things like this blog convention they're holding here in Calgary for all the local bloggers. I'm going to give a shout out and ask you to come check it out and meet some local bloggers, enjoy some great coffee and hopefully walk away with some new friends and inpirations. Just click here----->twtvite, and I'll hope to see you there.


I was tagged by Angela, just click that right there. ------^

1. I Have the biggest thing for animals. I'm always telling the boyfriend that him and I are going to live in a huge house just so we can have tons of animals. We actually have our eyes set on three different ones when we move out. -Pug, husky, pig!! The pug is for him, the pig is for the both of us, and the husky is mine. I'm madly in love with these dogs. They're the most beautiful dog, in my opinion.

2. I guess this next thing I like is technically two,tattoos and piercings. I'm hooked on the fact that I enjoy 'modifying' my body. I like the fact that my body has stories that I'm constantly asked about on a day to day basis at work. I like what they do for me and my appearance, and I know I'm not done getting more yet.

I promise I don't and won't have that many.

3. I am addicted to frozen yogurt, and I've gotten my boyfriend hooked too. It's mostly when we're at the movies because they happen to have a yogen fruz there. I just love, love, LOVE the fact that we get to try something new every time. Yum!

4. Flip-flops! If it wasn't for the snow, I'd probably wear flip-flops everyday, all day! I don't know what it is, but I can't stop wearing them.

5. Last but definitely not least..I'm addicted to all these cheesy reality/dumb TV shows. One I am pulled in by...Jersey Shore. I think I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit that, but I can't help watching this stupid, GTL, t-shirt time goodness. [Please don't judge me :( ]
This is where I tag four people:

Angela @ cravingthecupcakes
Daniel @ toomuchthought
Sharon @ Kolton's Mama
Blair's Girl @ Blair's Girls


Day Six
Question: So do you like it?
Answer: It's growing on me! Earlier that day I went out to the mall with my friend to go present shopping. Randomly I decided I was going to get my hair cut because it was rather over-due. The boyfriend is constantly reminding me how much it bothers him...I have lots of hair which happens to shed, quite a bit. My mother later that night had dyed my hair for me..and when I can come she was wondering if I liked it. Yes!

Day Seven:
Question: Did you guys have fun?
Answer: Yeah we did. Again my mother had asked the question of the day. I'm not too sure if she knows that I'm even doing this, but I don't think she does it on purpose. This was the question asked after I went out with the boyfriend and his sister to Peters Drive In! Everything there is pretty much amazing. BUT after some Chocolate/Mocha, chocolate/Watermelon/raspberry, chocolate/marshmallow, chocolate/banana milkshakes, we headed back to his sister's house and hung out the rest of the night talking about random things.

Day Eight:
Question: Do you wanna go to bed?
Answer: Yeah..! This was an awesome day full of excitement, good food, and awesome presents. The boyfriend and I got home pretty late and decided that we were ready for bed. I was pretty tired and kind of falling asleep on the couch. It was a good time to hit the sheets.

Day Nine: (Today)
Question: Do you have any change on you?
Answer: I think I do. My dad usually only pays for everything with debit, and my mom needed some change to take the bus to work the next day. She didn't have any change on her either (which is pretty weird for her), but since I'm like the hoarder of change it seems like some days, I probably do have some change I can hand over.


  1. Chinook used to have a Moxie's. It's been ages since I've been there, so maybe they've taken it out since the last time I was there. It's on the opposite end of the mall from the movie theater.
    Spoon Me has way better froyo. Have you been? I can't remember if we've been there together or not.

  2. Chinook used to have moxies, but when we looked it up on the directory thing, it didn't show it. It also didn't show East Side Mario's, so we decided to take a look and found out they don't have that anymore either. =/ And i've been to Spoon Me with you and Izel. I enjoyed it, but I'll always have that special place in my heart for Yogen Fruz.