Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In my previous post I wrote about going to this ycc blogger meet up for all you Calgary bloggers. Now I'm just going to tell you about, well what there is to tell you about. It was in a little coffee shop in the heart of Kensington near downtown Calgary...for all you who don't know, Kensington is the place to be(usually.) But they closed off a little section in this coffee shop so all us bloggers could sit together..this was possible because the manager was a blogger himself. But basically the night started off with Merry (merrywithchildren) telling us why we're all here and what this night is basically about. We all had name tags with our twitters and or blog names on them, we introduced ourselves and then went our separate ways and mingled with other bloggers. I ended up going to this meet up with the boyfriend (toomuchthought) and my sister (cravingcupcakes). We aren't as open to talking to people we don't know so we ended up staying in the corner all night. A couple people came up to talk to us, so it didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought it would. I wish I could tell you I made some new blogger friends, but I don't really know if I did or not. My sister has a list of some of the blogger names, so I will have to get that off of her..but because things went by so fast, I didn't get the chance to remember their names. Overall it was a good night and awesome to meet some new bloggers.


Completely random, but I think I might add it here. I know I have the greatest boyfriend when he decides that he wants to make a snow angel..for no reason at all. This was quite a while ago, but he decided one day that is what perfect snow weather to make a snow angel. Oh how I love him.

This would be his snow angel <3

Day Ten:
Question: How was your sleep?
Answer: Awesome. It was well needed. My answer to my boyfriend who had to wake up many hours before me to go to work, so I got to rub it into his face that I slept good and for a long period of time. =]

Day Eleven:
Question: How are you?
Answer: Good. This was also asked by the's our daily routine.

Day Twelve:
Question: Why aren't you here to cuddle with me right now?
Answer: Because I wasn't offered. The boyfriend was just at my house that night and by the time he got home I guess he was a little lonely...he should have invited me over.

Day Thirteen (today):
Question: What?
Answer: Again this was asked by the boyfriend. But we had just woken up and were sitting in the living room where he seemed a bit cranky, cause he was....but we were talking and in a very cranky he asked what. I don't even remember why to be honest but I called him cranky. He doesn't like it when I do that. =/


  1. I'm so glad you came to the blogger meetup. Sorry it was a bit awkward. I'm hoping that will get better. I felt a bit that way too because I was totally afraid that everyone would be bored. Having 16 people look at you with "Why are we here" in their minds is a bit overwhelming. I felt like I needed a paper bag to keep from hyperventilating!

  2. There was no talking. I was blogging, you put your hand infront of my face and when I didn't react you got all mad. Thus I asked what.