Thursday, March 3, 2011


Day Fourteen:
Question: Are you ready?
Answer: Yes. I'm normally ready in time to go to the gym.

Day Fifteen:
Question: When does your bus come?
Answer: Yes I still take the bus...and I don't exactly remember the time I said it came. But my mother usually asks me so she knows when I have to leave for work.

Day Sixteen:
Question:Can you wake me up at 7:30?
Answer: Why? Are you afraid of setting it for pm again? Mom mother tends to screw up the times she sets her alarm clock for. Sometimes she'll ask me to make sure she's up...just in case.

Day Seventeen:
Question: What time did you go to bed?
Answer: I haven't yet! This was the other day when I needed to cram finishing all my homework into one night. I've done it before, and know I shouldn't keep doing it because it never turns out. But my dad worked a graveyard shift that night, and by the time he got home he was surprised to see me up. He was wondering why I was up and when I went to bed. He seemed pretty surprised when I told him I hadn't gone to bed.

Day Eighteen:
Question: On the phone?
Answer: I usually spend quite a bit of time on the phone, and when the boyfriend and I haven't texts each other in a while, usually we'll catch up on what the other person is doing. I was on the phone earlier that night so he assumed, which is a good assumption, that I'm still be on the phone. He was wrong. I actually feel asleep. =P

Day Nineteen:
Question: Any Higher?
Answer: It doesn't really get high. A few weeks ago the pipes in my house got plugged up. So whenever we put clothes in the wash or flushed a toilet, the water in the laundry room and basement bathroom would overflow. Well it did it again last night...BLAH! It just leaks a craaap load of water, we use whatever we can find to soak it up. He normally only effects the laundry room, seeps into the furnace room and then over flows the bathroom. Which kind of soaks the carpet just outside those rooms. It stinks and isn't the most pleasant to deal with. Errrg!!


Sorry for the lack of blog updates. I just really haven't had the time to do much on here.

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