Monday, March 14, 2011

30 Questions in 30 Days - The Finale

It's almost sad to see that I'm at the end of the 30 days already, but I'm kind of relived because it was hard to remember all the questions..and just blog about them every day.
I really enjoyed doing it though because it just shows all the random things we're asked on a day to day basis. This is something I'll do once a year, if I remember! [The last one is my favorite out of all 30!]

Day Twenty Five:
Question: What are you up to?
Answer: Not a whole hell of a lot. Typical answer.

Day Twenty Six:
Question: Will we actually make it there on time if we take the 9:26 bus?
Answer: No we wont, so we'll just take the earlier bus.

Day Twenty Seven:
Question: How about coffee at Starbucks in Dalhousie when she gets off school?
Answer: Sounds good. =]

Day Twenty Eight:
Question: What's up girlie's?
Answer: Not much.

Day Twenty Nine:
Question: Do you want me to stop playing?
Answer: No! The boyfriend was playing Call of Duty..he always asks me if I want him to stop, just in case I'm bored.

Question: "Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?"
Answer: NO! I just finished watching Jackass 3 with my dad and boyfriend, and when we were looking at what was on TV we saw 'Child's Play'. Of course the boyfriend and I had to watch it. Ahhh! That doll freaks me out.


  1. i do an awesome impression in the dark. i'll have to show you.

  2. No you will not. I warn you now that if you do it again, I'll hurt you. Promise! =]