Thursday, February 10, 2011

trying new things

As you all already know I've been going to the gym. Today has only been my fifth day, but I'm already starting to see some results...My scale at home and the one at the gym show different results, but I think I'm going to trust the one at the gym. So as of today I have lost around 10 pounds! I know it's not a lot, but it's something. It definitely makes me feel good to know that the hard work is actually paying off. At the gym I go to they have a bunch of different classes anyone can try out, and last week I tried a body pump class. WELL today I did ZUMBA!!! Oh gosh did I look like an idiot. It is such a fun class though, so all you can do is laugh at yourself and keep trying. It is a really good way to keep fit and lose some just need to practice...just be warned that this class will show you how uncoordinated you really are.
I am a huge movie lover. And if I really enjoy a certain film, I can watch it over and over. Just ask my whole family. When I was around 6/7 years old the movie "Titanic" came out. I had watched it with my whole family that day and fell in love with it. So within the next couple days following I locked myself in my parents room and watched the movie over and over...probably around 50+ times. To this day, it's still my favourite movie. BUT back to the point! My boyfriend and I love going to the movie theatres and watching all kinds of movies. Our goal before Christmas was to try and see at least one movie a week. So far that hasn't happened. But last night we went and saw "The Green Hornet". I must say that it was AMAZING. I laughed so hard and it's definitely a keeper on my list. There hasn't been that many 'great' movies out lately, so this one most definitely surprised me the most.

I found a new favorite chocolate item. I found my new love at the movie's last night. We were getting some popcorn and in the candy stands there they were, just calling out to me. These delicious things are the Coffee Crisp Bites!!! Oh. My. Gosh. They aren't overwhelming with coffee flavour, so I bag you to try them. You just might fall in love too!

As for trying new things, I'm going to try a new questionnaire that 2mt4fbook created. It's called; Thirty Questions in 30 Days. This is what you do...
Take the first question of your day, remember it, write it down (if you have troubles remembering things), and when you get the chance...answer it! Don't forget, it has to be your FIRST question of the day. It can be on a sign as you're walking, or a question someone asks you. Here's the catch-they can only be answered once. So if the first question of day one is "What's up?", any form of that being 'sup', or 'wazzup' is out of our question category. And since it can only be answered once within the thirty days, you need to remember the second question of the day-as your backup. SO now it's your turn to take this challenge and GO answer it...NOW!

Day One:

Question: Do you like mango's?
Answer: "Mango's are disgusting!" Was my answer to my boyfriend's mother. I slept over at my boyfriends house last night and when we woke up today he had a missed call and voicemail from his mom about mango's. She was out this morning going grocery shopping and at this certain place if you spend a certain amount of money per purchase, you get something free! Today's free item was a case of mango's. She wasn't too fond of them herself so she was calling to ask my boyfriend if he liked them, or if my family wanted them. I don't really like mango anything. The actual fruit or even mango flavour in smoothies...etc. I was quick to turn that offer down.


  1. Ha, when you were little, yours and Tracy's favorite movie was Dumbo. YOU WATCHED IT EVERY FREAKING DAY.
    Seriously. I'm still sick of that movie.

  2. Haha yeah I remember that! But than titanic the way, did you know there's a titanic exhibit here in Calgary till June?

  3. and yet you drink Watermelon Wiggle.