Sunday, February 6, 2011

the random things

My head hurts thinking about how much things have changed in today’s society. My boyfriends sister and brother in-law are currently in the process of adopting a young man aged 8, and is only in grade three. When I was out with them the other day we were talking about how much things have changed since we were younger. One thing that really bothers me is laptops/computers in general. Why? Well when I was younger we had to have EVERYTHING handwritten. We needed to learn how to write, handwrite, and spell. We didn’t have the chance to go pull out our laptops, or run to computer. WELL, this young man’s school has a crap load of computers already setup in the school, which is alright I guess. But now they are planning to have laptops in every classroom from the grades 4-6, AND they want the parents to sign a “waver” type thing so that if the child happens to do damage to this laptop, the parents pay. It’s actually not the paying part that annoys me…well, it adds to it, but the reason why I am so annoyed is because they are giving 8,9,10, and 11 year olds computers to do their work on. Uhhh, WHAT? What has happened to our society that we aren't`t even teaching our children to write? I can maybe understand when the kids are older, and have a lot more essays and what not to write. But not when you’re 8!


If any of you live in Calgary, you should understand my next rant! If you don’t live in Calgary, all you need to know is that our seasons consist of winter, construction, winter some more, and then more construction. Don’t get me wrong…Calgary has it’s good moments. But you can’t help focusing on the bad. When there is construction happening anywhere in this city, traffic goes from bad, to horrible. See, people in this city can’t drive to begin with, so when you add something that might delay you a bit or make you slow down, it’s like drivers here have a mental meltdown and completely blackout, which makes them drive like a bunch of idiots. Accident rates increase and more people die or get hurt. Which makes me think…How the heck do all these people get their licences? I truly believe that this whole city should be nominated for Canada’s Worst Driver. No jokes! Which also makes my head hurt. If you think about how horrible people drive in good, dry, slow conditions…how do they drive when it’s winter, with icy roads and usually inches of snow on the ground? THEY CAN’T! The rate of accidents increase even more, so more people die and get hurt. Which is really sad. It’s almost like when the snow falls, something triggers some part in the brain of these drivers that makes them drive faster. If you driver here, or plan to in the future…be aware at all times. You truly don’t know what might happen.

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This past saturday was my sister Angela’s birthday! If you ever want to try something new baking wise, my sister is the one to go to. She’s an awesome baker and is always making new things. Well this weekend we got to try cupcake fondue. Yes, cupcake fondue. I know you’ve probably heard of the basic fondue…cheese, oil, chocolate etc. So you’re probably confused how this works. For cupcake fondue all you do is have icing in a bowl, or if you want to make it seem like fondue, put it in a fondue pot. And basically you’ll have a bunch of mini cupcakes, and some sprinkles in bowls. You dip your cupcake in icing, then in whatever kind of sprinkles you might want, and there you go.

Like that ---> Desktop3

Now that I’m thinking about food, this makes me think about an awesome place called Tubby Dog! It’s your average hotdog place, BUT BETTER! You can’t get ALL kinds of different things on your hotdog like peanut butter and jelly AND cereal. Here’s there menu.


My sister has gone there many times and her favourite is the “PBJ”! I will never try it…but apparently it’s super good. The boyfriend and I went there a few months back, he finds the “Tubby Dog” the best, and i prefer the “A-BOMB”


If you live here in Calgary and haven’t been there before, you should most definitely head down there some time soon! If you ever plan on coming to Calgary, I suggest that you try this place! Here’s a link to this amazing place. Tubby Dog <----Click that! It gives you the address, business hours… etc. I should also mention what else that makes this place so amazing. The decor is pretty random, but neat. It’s full of many different things that are old, from our childhoods. Different signs, shirts, posters…they also have a big screen which they display old cartoons, and movies. And if you don’t feel like watching the cartoons, you can play at the arcade that they have set up across from the sitting area. BUT that’s not all. Tubby Dog also has live bands come and perform in their restaurant, and throw big gaming like party’s where a bunch of people come to play all sorts of video games on the big screen. This place will definitely meet your standards of being amazing. I know I will always love this place!!!


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  1. You beat me to my cupcake fondue post, haha! Oh well, I'll be putting recipes up later this week. Glad you had fun!

  2. Well I was just going to rant, but then I thought of the party and went from there! I was going to put a link to where you got the idea from, but you never sent it to I might just have to let everyone know that you'll have more details! lol