Saturday, February 12, 2011

love is in the air

How many of you are a fan of Valentines Day? I'm not too sure if I am or not. See, I have an awesome boyfriend (2mt4fbook) who doesn't really like me to pay for anything. [I know right? Most ladies would love to have a guy who's willing to pay for pretty much everything.] BUT I'm the exact same way, I also want to pay for pretty much everything because I love to treat people without anything in return...Is that bad? I'm also the person who loves to buy people presents. It can either be one BIG amazing gift, or a bunch of little, but completely awesome presents. My lovely boyfriend over there is also the same. He loves to spoil me or suprise me with random bits of happiness like a Starbucks coffee when I didn't ask for one. Which brings me back to Valentines Day. Should I honestly get into all this red and pink everything from candy hearts to the thousands of different chocolates? Yes! See, this is one day of the year completely dedicated to people who are in love. This is the one time that you get to spend a ridiculous amount of money on silly langeire and mountains of chocolates guilt free.

Normally I would love to go out on this day and spend an amazing night with the boyfriend, but it turns out that we both are working that day! BLAH! Solution=Valentines on Thursday the 17th instead of the 14th. What we're doing is still unknown. SO if whoever is reading this blog has any sort of idea's on what we could do, please throw come comments my way BELOW. [Try and include idea's that don't involve dinner + movies, making eachother dinner...that kind of thing. :)]

Day Two:
Question: "You wouldn't want to go get me ice would you?"
Answer: This question came from my mom around 1:00 O'Clock in the morning. Her face has been pretty swollen the past couple days and we had just ran out of ice. Instead of waiting four hours for the our own ice to freeze, I went for a little walk to go get her some.
Day Three: (today)
Question: "Jessica, why do you hate me?"
Answer: *Laugh*, "I don't hate you!" Was my reply to my friend Aaron who was depressed after a night of drinking. We were on a three way phone call with my other friend Courtney and the two of us were just messing with him with a couple jokes here and there.


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