Tuesday, January 5, 2010

free me

About me, let’s see...My name's Jessica and was born in Toronto Ontario 18 years and 5 months ago. Wish I still lived there, but sadly I do not. I relocated here to Calgary, AB about almost 11 years ago, a very proud Canadian. I didn't just move alone though. I moved with the two people that forced me here, my parents and my two older sisters. I'm a fairly tall person, with bright red hair and hazel eyes. I'm very into body modifications also known as piercings, tattoos and scarification. Most of you might be grossed out and completely against it, but it’s a personal choice, and that`s the choice I have made.

I have technically graduated from high school but never received my high school diploma. Very determined to finish and get my life going. Social work and stage management has always been on the top of my mind when it comes to college or university. I have always liked helping people and I have always been there for people. And it is something I truly believe in, and think I’ll be awesome at.
Becoming a stage manager, if some of you don't know what it is, is where you’re either backstage or in the "tech" booth, or lighting booth (with the sound board and control the lights) and you manage the entire show. You give people orders and tell people what to do at certain times. It can be pretty crazy and out of control sometimes, but an amazing feeling knowing you just made something big happen. Plus I’m good with dealing with crazy situations.

My amazing parents are Christina and Trevor, 39 and 41. My mother had my oldest sister when she was only 16, having my other older sister four years later and me five years. This obviously brings in my father, Trevor. My father was an officer and in the Navy League Cadets, until just before we moved out here. My parents have always done everything for the three of us our whole lives, and they mean the world to me.
But my sisters on the other hand, that's a different story. Angela, the oldest, is now 23 and 11 months old. She's a working nanny for a couple and their four kids; she's been there for 4 years now and still loving it. She will make an amazing mother one day. Oh, and did I mention that she got me into making a blog and sharing it with the world. Here, check it out!
And then there's Tracy, 19 and 6 months old. She moved out not that long ago and is now living in Vulcan Alberta with her boyfriend Kent. She's very happy and loving having the freedom and being responsible for her own self. She's fairly outgoing and also has some tattoos and piercings like me. One tattoo, mom and dad on her wrists and 8 piercings I believe. She also works with kids, but in a small daycare. She seems to love it, so I don't expect her back to Calgary anytime soon.

Daniel is 17 and is still in high school. Many people frown upon 'kids' dating younger people, but I find that being 8 months apart shouldn't be that bad. He is graduating this year, and getting his high school diploma. He wasn't born in Calgary, but in Port Alberni B.C. He is much taller than me. 6’3” I love him to death and he makes me extremely happy. It's only been six short months, but to me it seems so much longer. And I have a good feeling about him, not completely sure, but I know it's something amazing.

As I have already mentioned, I have 18 piercings and 1 tattoo.
My tattoo is on my left foot and it's in black and white with a little bit of shading. Took about 1 1/2 hours and was painful as heck. I got it for my two sisters and me; tiger lily with all three of our names.
My piercings, not quite as painful as my tattoo, but some cutting pretty close, left ear; 3-earlobe, 1-conch, 1-tragus, 1-rook, right ear; 3-earlobe, 1-daith and 2-cartilage. Face;1-eyebrow(left), 2-nose(both sides), 1-Monroe(left), 2-lip(middle and right side.)