Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moving Out

Not long ago Daniel (boyfriend) and I were talking about what he's going to do when he's done school. His original plan was his best friend who lives in B.C was going to move out here, get a job, and they would move in together. But now, his best friend has a girlfriend and has made other plans for work and to live with his mom for a couple years. Which puts Daniel in an awkward situation with no one to move out with. And knowing him, he's not willing to stay at home for a bit. And knowing me, I'm excited to be moving out and starting my own life. So he came up with the idea about us moving out together, and not going to lie, I'm pretty thrilled about it.

Most people think that moving out at the age of 18-19 is pretty young, and that it never turns out. And even more people think moving out with a boyfriend that you've only been dating for less than a year is even worse and is bound to fail. I'm not most people, I'm the exact opposite to be persist. Seeing both my sisters move out with their boyfriends has kind of inspired me. They are all doing so well, both having amazing places to live and they still haven't killed the poor guys, so they must be doing something right, right?

Steps to moving out:
-Get a job! Moving out needs money, and lots of it.
-Save Money!!
-Get furniture, dishes, pots, pans, cleaning materials etc.
-Find a good, not to expensive place. Make sure we can afford it.
-Move in!!

What to do when moved in:
-Finish high school classes.
-Apply for college/university.
-Get my career started and get my life going.


  1. I moved in with my boyfriend before he was my boyfriend. I knew him almost 5 years. And on a previous post you said you wanted to lose weight one really big help is to write down everything you eat and if you know the calories that too. Seeing everything you've already eaten you're more likely to be like oh maybe I dont really want to eat this cupcake or whatever. It's hard! Though I lost about 45lbs in 2009!

  2. Awe, that's awesome. And i've been writting everything down, it's been helping quite a bit. Thank you for the advice.